How to Get Faster, Stronger, Leaner, and More Energized

Shed excess body fat and reach your peak fitness level in 2017!

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Are you struggling to get your overall fitness level where you want it to be?

Are you getting in shape for triathlon, but still not getting in shape overall?

Do you feel varying degrees of annoyance, shame, or guilt after eating a not-so-healthy meal, missing a workout, or not meeting your expectations on a particular day?

What if I told you it were possible to get down to your ideal weight and fitness level, and have more motivation and energy to be your best self!


Triathlons Won’t Make you Fit!

We have all kinds of reasons to take on a challenge like triathlon. Perhaps it is to lose weight. Or to take on a new challenge. Or to prove to the world that you are worthy! Or simply, to have fun and get connected with a group of like-minded people.

Are you doing triathlons to become more fit?

If so, what is your plan?

Get Clear on Your “WHY”

Ask yourself, why you do triathlons, and what kind of fitness results you are looking for…and why you want those results.

Why is where the fun begins. Why is where the internal motivation to succeed in fitness, and in triathlon is, whatever that means to you.


The 4 Week Fit Triathlete Transformation System

In this revolutionary 4-Week Course, Chris Hague and I cover how you can use the Four Pillars of Being a Fit Triathlete to get down to your ideal weight and fitness level, and have more motivation and energy to be your best self!.

We focus on the The 4 Pillars of Optimal Health & Fitness for Triathletes.


Pillar #1: Mental/Psychological Fitness

Accepting yourself and what’s your why?

Pillar #2: Nutrition

Day to day, eating to burn fat, eating for endurance, and race day nutrition.

Pillar #3: Recovery, Rest, And Sleep

Are you recovering properly? Getting enough sleep?

If not, here’s how to fix that.

Pillar #4: Workouts

Are you overdoing it and wasting time? Are you burning fat when you train or “digging a hole for your ladder”?

Tips on maximizing results and minimizing training time.

What to expect in this revolutionary course:


– A clearer sense of self

– Break through plateaus you may be experiencing

– Get to your ideal weight or body fat level

– Improved outlook on racing & training

– Improved health

– Step-by-step system done with other “teammates”

– More motivation than ever

– Perform better, feel better, look better

– Have fun while making positive changes

“This whole process has led me on a journey of self-discovery which has been terrific!”

“In the span of a few short weeks, the course will help you examine every aspect of your health and fitness if you let it. I found it very much worth my time and I believe you will, too. I highly recommend it!”

Dan Ellis, Triathlete


What you get in this course:

Step-by-step weekly exercises to create permanent changes to your fitness, including:

– Psychology/self acceptance mastery

– Nutrition mastery

– Rest/Recovery mastery

– Workout Mastery

Access to coaches Kevin & Chris to walk you through any challenges

Group-focused learning: Never on your own

Worksheet & video each week with detailed instructions

Ideas for shortcuts on habit-building and workouts

Cutting-edge techniques to make sure you’re not wasting any time or energy

Group challenges and accountability to keep you on track

Looking GREAT in your speedo 🙂

So, how much does The Fit Triathlete Transformation cost?

Typical personal trainer fees are around $80 an hour…

Our one-one-lessons are $150…

So we thought about adding our lesson fees up, which means we would be charging around $2100 for the course…

We wanted to make the cost of The Fit Triathlete Transformation affordable. So, we decided to offer the program that WILL change your life in 4 Weeks for just $197, a little more than 1 lesson or a couple of training sessions! We also added Extra Special Bonuses…


If you join the course today, you also get:

+ Free Bonus #1: 20-minute one-one consulting session with Kevin (value $67)*


+ Free Bonus #2: Healthy Mind Fit Body: How the Mind Body Connection Can Help You Achieve Your Perfect Fitness

In it, we cover how to:

– Lose fat permanently

– Lose fat without counting calories or counting training hours

– Lose fat without supplements


+ Free Bonus #3: Time Saving Tips for Triathletes, including sample short, efficient swim, bike and run workouts

– Time-Saving Tri Workouts

– More efficient bang-for-your-buck workouts

– Fat burning exercises

– High Intensity speed-inducing workouts

– Never be bored with your swim, bike, or run training

– Minimize your training time while maximizing your fat-burning and speed.


You get entry into the The Fit Triathlete course, plus all the bonuses for an introductory price of just $197!


Yes, I want The Fit Triathlete Transformation 4-Week Course Access, get 20-minute one-one consulting session with Kevin (value $67)*, Healthy Mind Fit Body book (value $27), Time Saving Tips For Triathletes (value $27), and access the Member-only group. For a limited time I can join The Fit Triathlete Transformation: $197.

The Fit Triathlete Transformation:

ONLY $197!